We don’t want to restrict our passion for digital to our clients. We speak at top online marketing conferences and events throughout the year to share our thoughts with the wider world.

Upcoming events

Branded3 Seminar
30 / 04 / 15

B3Seminar: Content Marketing that drives SEO performance

Expert talks covering all of the elements marketers should consider when implementing a content marketing strategy.

09 / 04 / 15

Figaro Ecommerce Seminar

Speaker: Steve Shaw

15 / 04 / 15

Figaro Digital Finance Seminar

Speaker: Laura Crimmons

16 / 04 / 15

Figaro Social Media Marketing Seminar

Speaker: Laura Crimmons

23 / 04 / 15

Figaro Search Marketing Seminar

Speaker: JJ Grice

09 / 04 / 15

Brighton SEO

Stephen Kenwright will be speaking on the main stage, with Laura Crimmons running a popular link-building workshop.

Previous events

26 / 02 / 15

Figaro Search Marketing Seminar

Stephen Kenwright speaks on: Aim to end the search; why businesses of all sizes can benefit from greater search visibility and more conversions by being comprehensive and thinking about the intention of the searcher.

19 / 02 / 15

Figaro Content Marketing Seminar

Stephen Kenwright asks: How many content marketers does it take to sell a lightbulb?  Stephen will discuss what content should look like when rankings and shares are the by-product of creative that drives business value.

18 / 02 / 15

Figaro Digital Retail Roundtable

Andrew Machin will be presenting and hosting four roundtable sessions.

29 / 01 / 15

Figaro Social Media Marketing Seminar

Laura Crimmons talks about the social media & digital PR trends we’ll see in 2015. See her slides here.

22 / 01 / 15

Figaro Design & Build Seminar

Steve Shaw speaks on how to nurture your ecommerce customers using marketing automation. See Steve’s slides here.

11 / 12 / 14

Figaro Search Seminar

Mike Jeffs speaks on how SEO has changed as a channel, but why it can still contribute. Slides here.

27 / 11 / 14

Figaro Digital Marketing Conference

Stephen Kenwright speaks on why SEO is the new PR. See the slides here.

05 / 11 / 14

The Content Marketing Show

Laura Crimmons will be holding an Advanced Link Building and Effective Outreach workshop

Branded3 Seminar
16 / 10 / 14

B3 Seminar: Driving SEO Through Audience Engagement

Speakers from Branded3 talk about the latest audience engagement and personalisation techniques in this half-day seminar.

08 / 10 / 14


Matthew Jackson speaks on: Finding, understanding and using demographic data to boost website performance

01 / 10 / 14

Ecommerce Expo

Stephen Kenwright, Steve Shaw and Andrew Machin talk on content strategy and customer retention.

25 / 09 / 14

Figaro Social Media Seminar

Laura Crimmons spoke to delegates on how to find their audience on social media. Slides here.

18 / 09 / 14

Figaro Search Seminar

Head of Search Joe Griffiths talked about how search and content strategy impacts the decision-making process. Slides here.

01 / 09 / 14

Biddable World

Laura Crimmons spoke on social advertising. Find the slides here.

01 / 10 / 14

Figaro Design & Build Seminar

Head of Creative Andrew Machin spoke on The Golden Rules of On-site Engagement. Find the slides here.

17 / 07 / 14

Figaro Digital Marketing Conference

Tim Grice spoke on why Content Marketing should be useful first, viral second. Find the slides here.

25 / 06 / 14

Marketing Week Live

Tim Grice spoke on why engagement should be your SEO focus in 2014. Find the slides here.

17 / 06 / 14

Internet World

Tim Grice spoke about using content and engagement to increase traffic and sales. Find the slides here.

12 / 06 / 14

Figaro Search Seminar

Stephen Kenwright spoke on Winning the Zero Moment of Truth. Find the slides here.

10 / 06 / 14

International Trade Expo

Patrick Altoft will be giving a talk on International SEO.

05 / 06 / 14


Tim Grice will be giving talk on SEO Penalty Shoot Out and the recipe for success!

Branded3 Seminar
29 / 05 / 14

B3 Seminar: User-centric SEO

13 / 05 / 14

SMX London

Tim Grice will be speaking about Engagement: The Key to Higher Rankings and B3’s Patrick Altoft will be giving a talk about Advanced Technical SEO Issues.

23 / 04 / 14

Brighton SEO

Tim Grice gave a talk on Engagement and Branding as signals and how they affect SEO.

17 / 04 / 14

Figaro Digital Marketing Conference

B3’s David Crawford and Joe Griffiths spoke about the ways in which Content really is still king.

10 / 04 / 14

Sitecore Digital Trendspot

Our Managing Director, David Crawford, gave a great talk about “What’s in your digital storytelling tool box?”

12 / 02 / 14

SES London

B3’s Tim Grice gave a insightful talk on the many changes of Google – from Hummingbird to Enhanced Campaigns.

07 / 02 / 14

London Affiliates Conference

Matthew Jackson spoke on ‘How to create a white-hat strategy in a black-hat world’.

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