Search engine optimisation is more than simply understanding Google – it’s about understanding people and what information they ultimately want to find when entering a search query. In order to take advantage of natural search traffic your SEO strategy has to be one that aims to make your website the best result for a customer searching for your products and services.

Search strategy

Branded3 is an SEO agency combining detailed knowledge of your customers with a deep understanding of the signals that Google and other search engines use to measure the engagement, relevance and performance of your website. This allows us to develop strategies that not only increase your search visibility, but also help your website to engage and convert.

Each strategy is bespoke and prioritised based on increasing performance as quickly as possible.

SEO visibility graphs from Searchmetrics
Search traffic estimates using Horizon


The technical elements of your SEO strategy are more important now than ever. Ensuring that search engines can access, index and value your content is critical to success.

Our team of experienced Search Strategists audit your web properties and deliver an actionable report.  From this, we will create a workflow document, supporting developers and in-house teams to ensure correct and efficient implementation of each change.


It doesn’t matter how thorough your keyword research is or how many great links your website has acquired – if you’re not engaging your visitors, your search visibility will suffer.

Every page of your website must be engaging and satisfy the intention of the consumers who visit it. Doing this requires a collaboration of our Insights, Content, UX and Search Strategy teams. Together, they will apply search and customer data to your website’s content and user journey to ensure that each page has the ability to end the search and fulfil the intention of the user.


Google wants to rank popular websites and there are a number of signals they use to find out if your website is in demand, from links to shares, mentions to brand searches. You can’t have a truly complete search strategy without deciding how to influence these elements.

Fuelled by our understanding of your audience, we combine our content, creative, social and digital PR expertise to produce content marketing and data-led campaigns that deliver coverage from the globally recognised media outlets. Our aim is not to drive thousands of shares or links that will never get seen; instead, we focus on engaging your potential customers and acquiring links that will drive relevant traffic.

‘Best SEO Campaign’ and ‘Best Digital Marketing Campaign’

We substantially increased the SEO visibility of the City Index website, leading to an increase in organic traffic and also gained over 60 pieces of quality coverage across business and financial publications. Thanks to our success on this project we were awarded with Best SEO Campaign and Best Digital Marketing Campaign at the Northern Digital Awards.

How we do SEO

Google has over 200 signals that it actively uses to assess the quality of your web presence. As such, it is important to ensure that your SEO strategy is diverse and doesn’t rely on one or two tactics to manipulate your search visibility. We use the combined expertise of our teams to develop a strategy that aims to maximise accessibility, engagement and popularity.

We combine technical and creative thinking to prioritise key actions so that we can deliver results quickly. All our strategies are designed to provide you with search visibility that will last, ensuring you don’t fall victim to the next algorithm update or penalty roll-out.

We have a fantastic reputation within the Search industry and have a track record of delivering award winning results, even in highly competitive industries. Results are driven by our expertise, with each member of the team challenged and empowered to become an expert in their chosen discipline.

We also take advantage of industry-leading technology, developed internally by our Product Development team, which gives us transparent performance reporting, insights into market share and an ability to spot algorithm changes faster than any other software on the open market.

What makes us different?

Our team is made up of industry-recognised experts

We take a collaborative, interdepartmental approach to search marketing

We invest in industry-leading tools and software

"Branded3’s location-based strategy for Vue has made sure we’re at the forefront of local searches across the country, and our local visibility has been significantly boosted as a result. As well as this, Branded3 has been able to secure over 600 tracked terms to rank between positions one and three on Google. We’re really excited about what the future brings working with the Branded3 team."

− Clare Mellor, Digital Manager, Vue

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