We create effortless digital experiences that resonate emotionally with your audience and commercially with your business.

What is User Experience Design?

User experience design (often referred to as UX Design) is the consideration and exploration of the not just how something looks, but how it works and how it makes your customers feel.

Whenever a customer uses your website, tool or interacts with a marketing campaign, they form an emotive opinion of the value and quality of service.

It’s our goal to ensure that your brand is part of a positive opinion through clean, easy-to-use and personalised interfaces.

Our approach to UX

Our UX designers specialise in understanding both your users’ and business’s goals, then designing experiences with both subjective, attractive visuals and objective, intuitive interfaces.

We develop a long-term strategy for your business to successfully meet your users’ needs throughout the whole customer journey, turning the useful into the delightful.

Why Branded3?

We deliver captivating customer experiences driven by engagement and personalisation
Our creativity is underwritten by clear strategic goals combined with data and audience insight
We deliver innovation and results even in the world’s most competitive industries

Engagement through personalisation

  • We adopt personalisation strategies to ensure your platforms are as relevant to your customers as possible.
  • Personalisation is the ability to dynamically change the messaging, content and interactions on your websites and campaigns based on what you know about an individual’s or group of users’ behaviour on the site and/or what you have previously learnt about them.
  • The result? Customers find your brand more relevant, therefore increasing engagement and conversion.

How we personalise your customers’ experience

  • Listen to your customers. What drives them? What do they search for? How do they interact with your site?
  • Develop user case scenarios that respond to your customer’s needs, all in real time wherever possible
  • Start to build your customer insights based on their interactions and behaviour
  • Customise interaction based on what you know about your visitor’s profile, interests and actions
  • Progressively personalise interactions, content and messaging of the experience whilst continually learning