Sitecore is an enterprise .NET platform

The platform has pushed the boundaries of what a CMS traditionally offers, as it includes a series of marketing functionalities which it wraps up into its “Digital Marketing Suite” or DMS.

Sitecore’s “own the experience” tag line is central to their approach to market, predominantly focussing on customer engagement and marketing integration with site content.


  • Full marketing platform
  • Engagement focussed
  • High scalability
  • Enterprise level
  • Reduced training time


  • Only via partners
  • Licensing model costs


Ease of Use
Implementation time
Marketing Features
Feature Depth


A high-quality, enterprise level solution ideal for single, multi-site and multilingual sites. Sitecore is most effective when its used as part of a full digital strategy, targeting content at your audience and using the personalisation features to create real engaging websites.

Our Impressions

Sitecore is an engagement-focussed platform, allowing users to optimise their on-site activity to deliver positive signals to Google. It benefits from its ability to run on Azure cloud, which makes for excellent scalability, while its multi-site and multi-lingual functionality renders it ready for large scale enterprise solutions. The familiar Windows interface serves as the basis for its own interface, therefore platform training time is significantly reduced. Sitecore is only available via partners with skilled, certified developers in order for the platform to be used to its full potential. This in turn means that it can take some time to get used to. Additionally, its licensing model can be prohibitive, while it can also become complicated in a short space of time.