Branded3 have worked with a range of CMS platforms all of which have their own set of features, suitability for projects and quirks. Our experience has been with both Microsoft .NET technologies and open source PHP platforms, there have also been a large number of bespoke solutions we have created to meet the needs of our clients.

The reviews

Our team have reviewed the top 6 platforms we have had experience with:


Based on our overall scores Sitecore rates the highest in terms of CMS platform due to its enterprise offerings in feature, ease of use and scalability, however Branded3 know that one solution doesn’t work for every implementation, therefore we work with our clients to ensure we have understood all requirements and choose the right platform for the job.

Understanding the CMS platform for you

If you aren’t sure which CMS platform is right for you, or you’ve already chosen your platform and want to discuss how to get the most out of its features then get in touch and our team of experts in design, development and search can support your solution and identify potential opportunities.