Branded3 has a team of Sitecore certified developers, all experienced with the .NET framework, CMS best practises and years of experience in creating business changing solutions. As a Sitecore solutions partner, Branded3 focus on producing solutions that fully utilise the features and functions of the platform.

Working with Sitecore certified partners ensures that the team working on your Sitecore project understand the platform and know the right and most effective way to build the solution. If you would like to discuss our Sitecore partner capabilities then get in touch or read more on our Sitecore article.

Sitecore Certification

Sitecore certification is a training and examination process that developers must undertake before gaining access to the platform and its tools, it’s this certification that our developers attend and achieve top scores in. Our developers attend a week long training course with the creators of the platform.

The course is divided into two modules:

  • Sitecore Developer Foundations
  • Sitecore CMS Website .NET Developer

Developer Foundations

The foundation course involves understanding the core Sitecore principles of the platform. The principles focus around the object orientated nature of the content tree, the development and user interfaces required in order to use Sitecore.

CMS Website .NET Developer

The developer training module is a more in-depth look at the platform from a building blocks and real world perspective. There are discussions around deployment method,  building pages using .NET, the template management system and Sitecore core management around users, security and performance.

Following each of the modules an online test is taken based on experience, code practises and learnings from the modules.

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Portfolio Sitecore sites

Branded3 have developed the following sites on the Sitecore platform: