Branded3 is a Sitecore Certified Solutions Partner. We understand Sitecore, what it takes to get the best results from the software, and more importantly, how to help you own the experience. Our team have delivered, and continue to deliver, enterprise multisite and multilingual platforms that focus on creating a great user experience. If you already have a Sitecore solution in place, we can still help you boost the effectiveness of the platform, as well as utilise more of its features. To find out how exactly we can help, simply get in touch with our experts today.

We have used the Sitecore CMS platform to produce user-centric experiences for our clients, including multilingual and multi-site functionality, to provide an international extranet with a multi-factor authentication system.

Our approach

Branded3 believes our interdependent approach not only to Sitecore builds, but to all of our solutions, is what makes us the ideal partner for any project. Understanding all of the aspects of creating an online presence, from search, design, development, content and digital marketing, allows us to bring expertise to every solution.

Our expert insight into search allows us to ensure the platform has catered for and empowered the users to manage all of their information, from metadata, index requirements, canonical tags, sitemaps and more.

Sitecore feature experienceSitecore solutions partner

The following is a list of the features and modules of Sitecore that our team have used to produce our sites:

  • Personalisation
  • Executive dashboard
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM)
  • Workflows and approval processes
  • Template system
  • SEO features including 301 redirection management and Branded3 custom fields

Sitecore workshops

Branded3 employs Sitecore-certified developers and platform experts in-house who help to plan and develop its enterprise level CMS solutions. Our team works with the project’s key stakeholders through a series of workshops to identify how to get the best out of the Sitecore platform. Below are a few examples of the kinds of workshops we carry out:

  • Customer engagement / personalisation
    Planning the solution to understand the audience, the user journeys and the way we want to personalise and support the user, increase conversions and achieve their goals.
  • User access roles and workflows
    Understanding the users who will be using the platform, who needs access and what workflows are required in order to ensure that your site content is always 100% right.
  • Template component design/ MVT
    Discussing the framework layout so that each page can be controlled, built and tested upon using Sitecore’s personalisation and MVT modules.

Sitecore related articles

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Portfolio Sitecore sites

Branded3 has developed the following sites on the Sitecore platform:

Making the most of Sitecore

In addition to building Sitecore solutions, we provide support and strategic consultancy to fully utilise and optimise the platform. Our discovery process allows us to work with our clients and understand their current Sitecore implementation. It also enables us to identify where they may be able to use more of the features, such as the Digital Marketing Suite (DMS) and personalisation.

If you are interested in discussing your current Sitecore implementation, why not drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!