We deliver rich and engaging websites on WordPress, the world’s leading and most popular open source CMS.

Platform experience

We have been producing WordPress-based sites for over six years for our clients. We believe in its capabilities as a CMS platform and have used it to power our own website for many years, showcasing its ability to deliver a highly effective CMS platform for both the brand and the user.

Flexibility and scalibility

Our WordPress websites are designed to give maximum flexibility in managing your website content whilst also delivering positive signals to search engines through highly engaging layouts and structures. The scalability of the platform is also maintained to keep up to date with the latest versions.

Content publishing at its best

Ideal for content focussed websites, our WordPress sites are structured to help guide your customers through the website to your business goals, this can include increasing brand awareness through time on site or driving leads and enquiries, some of our case studies have seen fantastic results in these areas.

Engaging websites focused on growing your audience
Proven track record in quality responsive websites
Search-optimised content delivery platforms

Easy-to-use platform

Throughout our use of WordPress, we have used it to support our expert knowledge of search to ensure that new sites are as optimised as they can be and that the management of content and data is all powered via the platform. This means it doesn’t require developer knowledge for our clients to change anything. This can provide highly efficient solutions for brands looking to manage content from various sources or with different authors accessing the system.

Our approach

Our strategic approach to any website design and development project means that we single-mindedly aim to produce a new site that is more about engaging with your audience through creativity and function than it is about being a simple-to-use CMS. We have an experienced team of designers and developers who understand the core principles of WordPress and how to extend it with the use of themes, widgets and plugins.

The feedback that we have had from staff, LLDC and other industry partners who’ve tested the site for us have been very positive. We are very happy with the work that you have all done for us. Thank you all so much.

Kate Watts – Marketing Manager - 3 Mills Studios

Our WordPress clients