We deliver data driven paid media campaigns, providing Pay Per Click Management, Programmatic Display and Paid Social Management

Our four points of difference


We use our deep data expertise to help our clients’ use data to understand, define and deliver engaging digital communications. Our belief is that the consumer should be at the heart of every journey, and our goal is to inspire a positive response by using data to change behaviours. Our insight team are modelling data on a daily basis to deliver campaign and analytics insights to our specialist paid teams.

We are also lucky to share an office with Response One (part of St Ives Group) in Bath and have some of the most talented data analysts in the UK to support us with anything from CRM developments to customer segmentation and propensity scoring, to market insights.


At Branded3, we are technology neutral. We pride ourselves on constantly reviewing our technology partners and suppliers to ensure we have the right mix to deliver the best results for our clients’. We are of course Google certified but have also developed a leading ‘technology stack’ for our clients to utilise where we feel it’s appropriate to improve performance.

We have recommendations to give for all requirements. For example (but not limited to); feed management solutions, tracking and ad-serving, call tracking, ad analysis and reporting. Double Click is our current preferred partner to support the day to day management of PPC campaigns and help us understand the attribution of campaigns our clients’ are running.


We pride ourselves on having a paid media team that adds value to our clients’ activity, offers an opinion and ultimately delivers the best in class activation of campaigns. Our three most senior team members have 30+ years of experience between them.

We have also built a wider team made up of experienced experts in their field, from a mix of digital media agencies across the UK, but also have a strong track record of developing graduates into paid media experts. Our focus on striving to recruit and develop the best people in the industry is crucial in delivering the human touch needed to achieve performance and growth for our clients’.


The rigour that we apply at Branded3 to paid campaigns is a big part of what delivers strong commercial returns for our clients’. We believe that consistency across paid campaigns, an approach we all believe in, attention to detail and a good amount of dedication all add up to make a big difference day to day.

At Branded3 we have a strict audit process that we apply to new paid accounts. We also regularly review our own accounts through an internal auditing process across the team. Following an audit, a plan is always agreed with the client that prioritises the quickest gains on the account before moving onto detailed incremental changes to continuously improve performance.

Our Clients

Pay Per Click

Through collaboration with experts across the business we deliver integrated search campaigns, maximise our data expertise and deliver the performance of our client’s campaigns.

Our Services


PPC Account Management

Our rigour in account management and the allocation of the people with the right skill set is what differentiates us. We regularly audit our accounts and focus on delivering incremental, day to day improvements which really impacts quality scores and delivers the performance gains our clients’ need.


Search Audiences

Audience data and the ability to target the right individuals (not keywords) is crucial in our clients’ PPC strategies. In our Bath office, our data specialists are modelling our clients’ data to deliver us customer segmentations, propensity scoring, next most likely actions of individuals – enabling us to be as efficient as possible.


Search Remarketing

In the same way we are using our data modelling capabilities to deliver powerful audience segmentation, we are also using data to develop RLSA strategies which complement our clients’ business. By using data to model paths through our clients’ sites, we are able to develop audience lists and increase bids based on anticipated value.


Shopping Campaigns

We work collaboratively to support our clients’ shopping campaigns and ensure we have feeds in place which deliver as close to real time campaign changes as possible. Using the same type of rigour as PPC account management, we have streamlined method of structuring and implementing activity.


Integrated Campaigns

We believe that the best incremental performance gains come from the integration of data learnings’ and campaign understanding across multiple channels. Whether that’s SEO and PPC learnings’ being shared, or propensity models being rolled out across multiple channels, it all counts.

Our Approach

Our 6 Pillars of PPC are the foundation of our working practices which ultimately delivers rigour and attention to detail to our campaigns.

Account Structure


Audience Data

Ad Copy

Landing Pages

Bid Optimisation

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