The Client

First4lawyers is a leading UK legal company with experienced solicitors who specialise in personal injury claims.

The Challenge

Due to the extreme competitiveness of the industry First4lawyers operates in, many of their competitors find they have to throw a huge budget behind paid advertising to achieve visibility online. Their marketing strategies generally have to be aggressive to help them cope with the competition and this means that the user experience often gets forgotten.

We collaborated with First4lawyers to develop a strategy that would not only help the brand achieve its business goals, but help the customer get what they want, too. One of the objectives set was to boost the number of visitors leaving their details through the website for starting a claim and also for requesting a call back.

The Strategy

Our approach to SEO encompasses all of our services to ensure that all marketing and business objectives are aligned, with each department working collaboratively on a project to ensure it achieves on all levels. This multi-disciplined approach was exactly the kind of solution that First4lawyers needed for its digital presence.

Rather than execute a standalone full-scale link-building strategy for First4lawyers, we knew that our interdependent approach would garner organic, future-proofed results for the company. We believe that to produce big conversion changes, you need to make big onsite changes, so we began the project with a site audit that identified areas for improvement from not only an SEO perspective, but also from a usability perspective.

We redesigned the First4lawyers website, wrote high-quality site content and focused on producing ultra-shareable content for the blog. We cut link-building right down, focusing instead on enhancing the site and user journey.

The Results
ranking on Google
increase in conversion

Within just 10 days of rolling the new site design out, the First4lawyers site was ranking number one on Google for the most competitive search term in the industry.

We improved First4lawyer’s website conversions by over 80%, proving that big on-site changes equal big conversion changes.

Our interdependent approach has meant that instead of ploughing £15-20k per month into paid advertising, First4lawyers can achieve fantastic organic results from a one-off investment.