The Client

Illamasqua is one of the fastest growing make-up brands in the country and has transformed from unknown to cult status in just a few years.

The Challenge

Having launched back in 2008, Illamasqua’s website wasn’t prepared for the level of success it had achieved so quickly and, as the brand had evolved and the services offered increased, the website’s functionality needed to be updated. Now that the brand had established a clear target market and identified their buying habits, the user journey and buying process needed to be maximised to cater for this and encourage higher basket values.

Illamasqua wanted its customer-base to be able to visit a cutting-edge, interactive eCommerce website that would reflect its growing reputation in the industry, as well as increase conversion and enhance brand reputation.

Central to Illamasqua’s brand values is its clear distinction in the crowded make-up market. This needed to be reflected at every point in the customer journey to create a seamless brand experience like no other. Equally as important, though, was that the website had improved functionality and encouraged customers to shop online.

In order to make the buying process as simple as possible for the customer, Illamasqua wanted well thought-out product categorisation and layout and functionality that would encourage cross-sell and up-sell.

The Strategy

In order to meet all of the objectives of industry-leading eCommerce with brand-focused content and social integration, we developed a hybrid platform of bespoke CMS, eCommerce and blogging systems.

As always, we began the project with an extensive discovery and planning phase that covered target audience and admin requirements, ensuring the functionality we’d chosen would fit with each and meet the objectives given.

Our design team then crafted user-centric wireframes that defined the optimum customer buying journey, taking care to ensure the layout was as effective as it could be and that the product categorisation enhanced the buying journey. The SEO team was involved at this stage to ensure the structure of the site would provide maximum SEO value.

With sleek, polished and on-brand page designs carefully pieced together by talented strategic and creative agency, Propaganda, we were ready to add the depth and interactivity that would bring them to life.

To engage with the customer base as much as possible, we added a CRM function that integrated with the Communicator API to trigger an automatic email to customers giving them a birthday discount code. This encourages return custom, as well as strengthening the customer-brand relationship.

To achieve cross-sell, we were able to group products into their make-up collections and then suggest to the customer to “purchase this whole collection”, increasing basket spend and making the buying experience quicker and easier for the customer.

From our eCommerce experience and in-depth research, we’ve found that a single-page checkout increases conversion and has a much lower drop-off rate than multiple-stepped checkout processes, so we implemented this for Illamasqua.

The Results

The result is robust and adaptable CMS that boasts a fluid user journey from start to finish, ensuring that the customer is given the Illamasqua brand essence on the way. Just a matter of weeks after launch, the average daily traffic to the site increased by over 2,000 visits, from 4,000 to 6,000, the average basket value shot up by £10, from £45 to £55 and the conversion rate increased from 1% to 3%.

But it’s not just about the figures, it’s about user experience and increasing the interactivity between Illamasqua’s customers and the brand. Here are just a few of the customer comments about the new site on Illamasqua’s forum:
“Love it! The ease of the layout is particularly great”
“The new look site is quicker to navigate”
“Great site, much easier to see the options for each product”.

Together with the creative talent at Propaganda, we’ve managed to carefully create an eCommerce website that demonstrates the brand’s distinctiveness in the market at every stage. It has greatly enhanced the user experience, increased conversion and reached a new audience through effective social media integration. We couldn’t be happier with the fantastic results for this wonderfully unique brand.

Increase in conversion

"Throughout our new web build project Branded3 consistently performed above and beyond my expectations, giving their all to the project at all hours of the day and it is through this dedication that they were able to meet our target live date and even add additional functionality that had originally been out of scope. I would highly recommend the Branded3 team and would happily entrust them with any future developments we have planned."

− James Winfield - E-Commerce Manager - Illamasqua