The Client

Inchcape is a global automotive retailer which operates in 26 countries across the world. We first won a CRO project with the leading company and, due to the success, subsequently won a huge project to develop nine new websites. This case study focuses on the initial CRO project for the Cooper BMW site.

The Challenge

Inchcape wanted us to focus on improving the CRO of its Cooper BMW manufacturer site. The objective that framed our CRO and design strategy was to maximise conversions for their used car channel through telephone contact and online form submissions.

The Strategy

We began with a full user-journey analysis of the website to identify potential barriers to conversion. As a key portal, the homepage should provoke the user to interact and delve deeper into the website, but the Cooper BMW homepage lacked the clarity a visitor would expect.

We used design encapsulation and page flow to highlight the used car search box, cleaning up the redundant navigation features and using empowering imagery to enforce the message of a premium, luxury brand.

For Cooper BMW, phone conversions account for more than five times the conversions online so we focused on highlighting the phone number and duplicated this in a different location half-way down the page.

The Results
increase in leads
reduction in bounce rate
increase in average visit duration

We delivered a 20% increase in leads and reduced the bounce rate by 39%, which meant that users were finding exactly what they wanted on the site and could get in touch easily and quickly. There was also a 10% increase in average visit duration, meaning that customers were staying on the website much longer than before.

To have delivered these results from design and CRO changes alone shows the power and potential of these services. It also shows the importance of ensuring the web pages you’re directing visitors to are fully optimised for a good user journey and, of course, for conversion.