The Client

Predator Nutrition is a leading sports nutrition business in the UK that sells products online and in-store from top nutrition brands around the world.

The Challenge

Predator Nutrition had a bespoke platform that was proving incredibly restrictive in terms of running promotions and bundling products into nutrition packages.

The design was no longer on-brand and lacked appeal, with a disjointed and confusing user journey which was interrupted by pop-ups and other obstructions on the path to checkout.

Predator Nutrition needed an industry-standard platform which would allow the brand the flexibility and capability to integrate its promotional campaigns with the site, allowing the brand and business to grow.

The Strategy

We have extensive experience developing high-transactional Magento websites and knew exactly which Magento functionality to utilise to help Predator Nutrition achieve its goals.

We ensured the website integrated with SagePay and PayPal to streamline the checkout process. We also identified the optimum user journey and divided the products into easy-to-find categories to complement the trends we were seeing in what users were looking for.

Using our interdependent approach, our SEO team were involved at all stages of the design process to ensure the site structure was optimised for search. We also implemented a content strategy for the blog, integrating WordPress with the Magento build.

We implemented a multi-site structure to allow the brand to move easily into international markets. Encouraging upsell, we implemented ‘recommended buys’ and product reviews to build up the authority and trust of the brand.

We created a loyalty points system for customers to boost repeat purchases whilst also increasing brand loyalty.

With our transparent working relationships with all of our clients, we were keen to train Predator Nutrition’s team on how to maximise the Magento functionality to integrate with their marketing efforts. The brand can now use the eCommerce site to its maximum potential.

The Results
increase in traffic
increase in transactions
increase in conversion rate

For the past two years, Predator Nutrition’s sales have dipped considerably during the off-peak seasons, but we’ve actually managed to improve the conversion rates for these seasons, turning a negative trend into a positive trend.

We boosted the site traffic by 35%, the number of transactions by 11% and increased the conversion rate of the website by 2%, all in the space of just a few months.

Predator Nutrition’s team were so impressed with the results we delivered that they subsequently chose us to help them launch a new wholesale brand, building up the brand and audience from scratch.