The Client

The Sheffield College provides high quality academic and vocational training to enhance students’ qualifications, skills and employability.

The Challenge

The Sheffield College required a new website that would better organise the content it had into a friendlier and more useful user journey, helping their audiences easily find the right college course for them.

As well as this, The Sheffield College required a better marketing tool for the college to propose it as a desirable choice above sixth forms and colleges in neighbouring cities.

The Strategy

We placed a heavy focus on the design phase, ensuring the user journey was tailored for the three key audiences that The Sheffield College was targeting: young learners, adult learners and businesses.

Utilising Sitecore’s personalisation functionality, we could determine which homepage each of these audiences saw depending on the search terms they used.

We heavily condensed the amount of content on the site, giving users the information they wanted at the right times and making it simple to convert, either by online enrolment or downloading application forms.

The Results

The website is now an effective marketing tool that sells the advantages and attributes of the college and allows users to easily decide which course is best for them.

The Sheffield College is so impressed with it that they’ve embraced it as a communications tool, tailoring the homepage to its latest news and promotions and setting it as the default webpage for all 5,000 of its internal machines.